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What we do:

Water is fast becoming a precious commodity globally. One we need to preserve. We at Water 360 are passionate about the water industry and its opportunities that it offers; we believe that bringing our business to the global water sector ignites huge amounts of potential including job creation, innovative ideas and a professional modern approach to some of the common problems people and companies face.

Water 360 offers a complete assessment and solution approach for increased water reuse and recycling. We package Water 360’s expertise into a single offering, including water treatment process design, build, operate and management services. We provide our customers with best practices by leveraging the knowledge and experience gained across a wide range of industries.
We identify the technology, chemistry and expertise required for long-term sustainable solutions, improving your profitability and environmental performance.

Water 360 have partnered with industry leaders to develop reliable, cost-effective and safe
solutions. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a measurable return on investment.

Water 360 will help you:

  • Increase profitability
  • Improve quality
  • Meet environment, health and safety standards




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