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Who we are

Two dynamic individuals and Co-Founders of Water 360, Tanya Potgieter & Andre van Der Merwe, started the business with a vision of excellence, striving for success and change in the water sector across the globe, thus the name Water 360.

With combined experience in sales, marketing, project management, event coordination, business management and financial planning, our team are ready to lead Water 360 to great success with a clear vision to develop and grow by having the ability in understanding every aspect of our business.



- Our Mission -

Achieving our goal by doing
client focused project
management, insuring Water 360
efficiently and accurately
administrate all requirements to
optimize the client’s water
value in every way possible.



- Our Vision -

It is our vision to see that the
element water, that is
taken for
granted every day, be optimized
to its maximum potential with
Water 360 as the global leaders
securing livelihood and a future
for the people of the world.





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