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Frequently asked questions

What solutions can Water 360 offer me?

Water 360 as explained have a technology platform that will help us find the best primary solution to your specification and needs.

How much will this cost me?

Once all of the required information is submitted we take a look at the budget parameters and work accordingly to that to make sure we don’t over spend.

Can financing be provided on projects?

Yes financing is available for projects.

How much money can I save making use of Water 360?

This depends entirely on the solution we find for you and therefore cannot be classified under one specific amount.

What does the RFP entails?

The request for proposal is very much like a tender process which allows different companies to provide us with different solutions accordingly to your needs and budget.

You say that if water is optimized we can become financially self-sustainable, how?

There are a lot of ways, which includes anything from a greenhouse to grow and distribute fruit and vegetables, or to even have your own bottling plant on site. All of this can be used to optimize your water usage and the same time, make enough money for the system to pay for itself and increase profitability.  






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